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Dermatillomania and BFRB Treatment

pick-freedom is possible, and this site is maintained by long-term, pick-free people, reassuring those who pick, pick, bite or cut themselves that change is achievable. Human beings have a remarkable ability to self-heal, while also having great capacity for self-abuse. It is a great success to say "You know what? I need some help with this." We have compiled the latest information about dermatillomania and BFRB treatment using information from published research, our surveys of people with BFRBs, and personal experiences.

Sometimes we know we need to make a change but feel that we are not ready to put ourselves out there, to open up and experience the pain. We forget that we are opening our pores and the pain bleeds out daily. Putting in the effort can seem overwhelming and we might think that we need time to develop the right motivation, but the time truly is NOW. This moment is the only moment to meet your mentor. It is ok to feel like this is the wrong time but go for it anyway. If this feels like the wrong time to begin coaching, consider this, you won't find it easier at a different time, you'll just give yourself more time to pick at your skin. Picking yourself apart means you are not really paying attention to the painful areas of your life. You can't just smooth them over and expect them to go away, they will just get raw and angry and glare back at you in the mirror. We are here to show you that you CAN face yourself by owning up to the difficulty in your life. Just because you have always picked again doesn't mean it always has to happen. Don't lose your precious time to picking, pick yourself up and make contact

Research indicates the most successful treatment for dermatillomania is behaviour change therapy (a type of psychotherapy known as habit-reversal therapy) combined with emotional support. Studies suggest that supportive therapies and psychoanalysis without the behavioural therapy aspect are not effective at treating derm. Read people's experiences of different therapies on our forums.

If you would like to gain access to one of these treatments we recommend you speak to your doctor or enquire with a private practitioner. 51% of 11,625 people we surveyed had never mentioned skin picking or biting themselves to their doctor because they were too embarrassed, didn't think their doctor would help or didn't know they were recognised conditions.

It is our view that a combination of approaches is the best way to tackle these conditions. This led us to provide an online coaching program that incorporates aspects of the best treatments to support you through to recovery.

New Coaching Options Available - See The Full List Here

Treatments for skin picking:

* Behaviour Therapies like Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) including Habit-reversal Therapy (HRT), or Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT)

* Supported Coaching with a professional to help guide you, for example an online coaching program

* Hypnotherapy either face-to-face or using a purpose designed recording

* Self-Help We have a great self reporting system which can help stop skin picking. Use the contact form to ask about this and our other services. Give us time to reply, we're all volunteers!

* Emotional Support from family, friends, a professional or on our forums.

If you would like to see references for any page, or to see our Information Policy, please contact us

"Thank you for the lovely LOVELY email : )

Your therapy and guidance has made such an incredible difference in my life. It's amazing. Every day I am so glad that I decided to invest in this coaching and that I got to meet you : ) Yay!

This evening I spent some time planning out what I would love to do and achieve and work on over the next six months and it was a good thing to do. I feel inspired and determined and ready to get cracking on the next phase. There is so much I am excited to try, and do, and accomplish - I'm excited about waking up tomorrow morning just so I can get ON with it! Ha!

I am grateful for my support network (which includes YOU) and for the strength I have gained and the mindset and attitude adjustments I have made that allow me to grow from fear even when I'm in the middle of suffering from it. It's scary, but I love getting stronger - and I think you said it best: "those beautiful butterfly wings come at a price, as does every gift we are given."

And yes - you are right, I am so grateful every day for my health and my body. Physical ease is enormous and I LOVE LOVE LOVE doing things that let me use my body (I had some gymnastics coaching today which was soooo much fun!)

Anyway. That's it from me tonight.

140 days today - OMG!!"

Antoinette, Seattle