Biting cheeks

  • June 6, 2015 at 00:07 #149357

    Edna writes “biting my cheeks is driving me crazy. Please help me stop”

    I am sorry to hear that, Edna but you can trust me to understand. I used to do this a lot in the last couple of hours at work. I did find it helped to suck mints or chew gum.

    Love and freedom Neo

    April 19, 2017 at 18:13 #154215

    I went to visit my dentist recently, my old dentist had recently retired and his replacement was a brand new straight out of dentistry school. She was appalled to see the inside of my mouth. By all accounts my cheek and tongue chewing was the worst she had seen in all the training she had been given.

    She brought in a senior dentist and between them tutted and shook their heads.

    As my old dentist had never acknowledged the condition of my mouth, I never had any reservations of attending the dentist…until now.

    This was a family appointment, so had my two young sons with me in the room. The two dentists asked if I was stressed. I nodded and explained I had a stressful job and family life was taking its toll on me.

    At no point was I going to disclose I have trichtilliomania, dermitilliomania, anxiety and mental health problems.

    They suggested a gum shield and to wear it as much as possible during the day and night.

    Within two weeks I had bitten through the silicone gum shield. They then had me fitted for a set gum shield which they said would be near on impossible to bite through…..3 weeks this one took to break. I am now back to my third silicone gum shield. It is far more comfortable.

    I would suggest attending the dentist and see about a gum shield. It takes a lot of pressure off your inner mouth and tongue. Xz

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