• April 13, 2002 at 15:45 #1142


    Being fat holds me back from a lot of things. Now that I have gotten a handle on trich, maybe I should address that other big issue.

    Not sure that I am ready yet, but thought I would let you all know.

    Ashley was commenting about her weight being a problem. Doubt it is as big a problem as mine.

    I bought big mirrors for the hallway. 2 reasons : I have a narrow hallway and so I could see the back of my hair.

    I can now see the back of my hair, but I can also see the mother of all backsides in that mirror.


    I think I need to hear you all say that you still want to meet me at the Trichnic, heavy or not.

    By the way, as children when many of us asked for what we wanted, we got yelled at. Children learn by punishment and reward, we therefore learned NOT to ask for anything.

    You’ll note, above I ASKED for what I wanted from you. I’ve learned to do this from studying trich. It would help us all in here if you would also ask for support when you want it, and tell readers what they can best do to support you.

    Thanks for your time.

    Love Neo

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