• April 13, 2002 at 18:16 #1148

    I’ve always had terrible problems sleeping. My mother took me to lots of different doctors. Tablets didn’t help. In the end she took the sleeping tablets herself, and locked me in a room on the third floor of the house so I could scream all I liked.

    The nights I have pulled all night!

    solution 1 : Relaxation or hypnotherapy tapes. If you play one as soon as you get in to bed, chances are you will sleep right through.

    2. Melatonin. This is a herbal supplement not available in the UK. I ordered it on the Net and it is FANTASTIC. Take it at the same time every night and snooze easily.

    3. If you still can’t sleep, discipline yourself that you will only do housework and ironing if you can’t sleep. If you only do boring stuff in the middle of the night you might bore yourself to sleep. Doesn’t work for me, but hey, try it and see. Your ironing gets done, if nothing else.

    Love Neo

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