• May 24, 2002 at 11:03 #1566

    My father had it. It was the childhood-type trich, though. Basically, when I started pulling my grandmother told me: “Your father did the same when he was little.” Apparently he also ate the hairs he pulled from his scalp. But then he got punished for it and eventually stopped.

    In general, my father’s family seems to have many strange people. One of his uncles died in a mental asylum. I do not know exactly what he had but I think it was some kind of scizophrenia. One of my father’s cousins went missing when she was around twenty leaving her child for her mother and came back only after twenty-something years for the child’s funeral who died in an accident. She’s been missing since, I think. Another of my father’s uncles had serious alcohol problems and I think he kind of went mad by the end of his life. At least he seemed to be mad. My father also has serious depression and alcohol problems.

    Finally, one of my father’s brothers (my favourite uncle) had a serious nervous breakdown while at university and he was locked up for some time and received electroshock treatments. He’s been perfect for the last thirty years.

    So, my family history is pretty grim !

    Probably this is why I believed that I was crazy myself…

    I hope it helps your research Neo !



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