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    Well i dont know how many of you know this but I was rushed into hospital a few weeks back. brief below: *passed out at bus stop *rushed to hospital as i hit my head felt ill had no pain other than a headache *hospital pushed on my tummy and OH MY GOSH the pain was HORRENDOUS (excuse spelling) *screamed the hospital down was given a lot of medication. and was sent up to waveny ward. *the ward gave me anti biotics told me that i had a nasty kidney infection. *started the course of tablets and pain killers however the pain carried on getting worse my tummy was swelling i was ho continuosuly and couldnt go for a pee or 2(if ya get me if you dont pm me) *rushed back to hospital with a fever in agony screaming down the waiting room (good tip for gettin seen quickly though) *when i got through to being seen i colapsed wen they brought me aroud i was linked up to a drip and was screaming that i want my mum * realised i still couslt go for a wee even though i was bursting then felt an almighty pain in my stomach and ended up passing out again. *when i came around i was given gas and air an injection for painrelife and i think i may have been given morphene, not entirly sure coz it nearly nocked me out. *the pain relife they gave me did not work but i coulsnt do or say anything coz they relaxed my mussles i couldnt even cry speak or open my eyes *had a cafater fitted and filled it within 2 hours thats 2.5 ltrs *got me up to the ward and had an exray they seen i was extremly constipated and then what they said to me next nearly gave me a heart attack. what i remember is… *If this chronic errigation does not work then you have only a 10% chance of surviving as if your bowels rupture itl give you blood poising and may well kill me infact more likely to than not *The chronic erigation did work however it was so emmbarising as uh because of all of the painrelife i couldnt move but i needed a 2 so i called for nurses and was pretty much dragged to the toilet, felt like i was giving birth to a concrete block through my 2 hole (excuse information its all part of wot happend though) *got up of the tolet after a lot of gas and air and OMG their was blood all over the toilet i thought ive had a baby and not even known about it!!! I HADNT HAD A BABY though! *the pain got worse and worse in the end they gave me somethign to make me sleep when i came round i had another scan and the doctors seen i had a mass lump blocking my number 2 area why i could go toilet!!! *docs invested further found out it was A BLESSED HAIRBALL!!!!! *had an injection of acid etc to brake it down this did work thank goodness *went toilet fine after this THIS IS JUST TO WARN YOU ALL THAT THIS COULD HAPPEN ITS NOT LIKELY BUT ITS DEFINETLY A POSSIBILITY I KNOW YOU CANT JUST GIVE UP HAIR PULLING STRAIGHT AWAY BECAUSE ITS DIFFICULT HOWEVER PLEASE TRY TO CUT DOWN AND EVENTUALLY STOP EATING ROOTS IF YOU EAT THEM THIS IS. Anyway yesterday i had a call from the hospital wanting me to go to the doctors for more tests i did and the doctors felt my stomach automaticaly called an ambulance for me to go hospital they think i have a sist caused by the hair they think i have a few bts stuck in the wall of my insides which could be more serious again im home for a week now however i could well end up going under the knife:( this is all my fault for chewing my hair at least this is what i feel. this could be very serious i dont know if i will end up pulling through the operation etc i should be ok however theres always that possibilty. any thankyou for reading and listening this really does help thankyou very much and i will add another entry very soon im off to have more tests later. love stephieseal


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    Well I went back into hospital yesterday afternoon had more scans and bloods taken they show yet again i have uhum constipation however the lumpy thing i have is growing which is worrying they think its probably the size of a small plum now 🙁 feel as if i just want me mum but shes working fulltime and has just lost her house shes living with my sister at the moment so theres no way i can see her for the time. the doctor just came to my house to check my stomach and give me more pain killers i havent been sleeping due to pain. Did take the edge of the pain however i can still feel it. I have to go as my landlord and lady are coming over to check my flat and also i have dmp on my wall which is a good thing as im feeling dizzy today. speak soon update you hopefully tomorow.


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    Stephie, where are you??
    Hope you’re OK, haven’t seen you around for ages.

    Take care

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    Hi Stephanie! I know this is an older post, but I do believe people can harm themselves by eating hair, and not realize the dangers of it.
    In case anyone is interested, I found this article of a 17-year old girl, who died from this. It reads:

    (January 1999, England) Some people with nervous habits have good reason to be anxious. In January, a British teenager was rushed to hospital complaining of severe stomach pains. Surgeons who operated in a desperate – but unsuccessful – attempt to save her life were amazed to find a tangled mass of human hair the size of a football lodged in her abdomen.

    Rachel, a 17-year-old hairdresser trainee, had been in the habit of chewing the ends of her tresses since early childhood. Specialist registrar Dr Andrew Stearman, of Poole General Hospital, Dorset, said: “The biochemical composition of hair makes it impossible for digestive juices in the stomach to break it down. It therefore accumulates, much like it builds up in the plughole of a bath or shower, attracting more hair and other food.”

    Recording a verdict of accidental death, Hastings coroner Alan Craze said: “This was something Rachel was doing from time to time by habit. She would have had the impression, if she had thought about it at all, that it was passing through her system. Unfortunately, it was not, and built to a massive size.”

    Bezoars can be made from almost anything, but are usually composed of hair. They are highly prized by shamans as protection against poisons.

    Pathologist Nera Patel later measured the hairball – known as a trichobezoar – at 1 foot long, 10 inches wide and 4 inches thick. She said: “It was closely compacted and intertwined in the shape of a football. No one in our medical team had seen anything like it.”

    Rachel’s mother Norma, who was shown a picture of the fatal obstruction, simply said: “It looked like a dead rat.”

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    I saw this on Grey’s Anatomy recently. A teen girl had swallowed her hair and needed an operation to remove the hair ball.

    It reminded me that when I was younger I used to chew/suck on the end of my pony tail. I dont even know why I did it, but my parents used to get really angry at me, telling me I would get a hair ball just like cats did. I thought they were only trying to scare me.

    Anyway it was about this time I stopped chewing my hair, when I began pulling out my eyelashes out istead… I was about 8

    I know its been years since you were in hospital Stephanie, but if you’re still around it would be great to hear how you are doing now

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