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    For the first time today, I noticed another person pulling. I was walking up the path along the cliffside near where I live, and I noticed a lady, mid 40s to 50s, pulling out a hair from her head. Then she put it to her mouth to eat the follicle. Finally, she threw the hair out to sea.

    It was a spectacular view, from that cliff, over the sparkling sea, on a sunny day, and I was aware how much that person was in pain.

    I thought about approaching her, after all, I am a therapist who helps other people give up pulling.

    I stood there for quite some time wondering, should I?

    I thought back to when I used to pull, and how I would have felt if a stranger walked up to me outdoors and spoke about what I was doing.

    I would have died of embarassment.

    I said nothing and walked on. Did I do the right thing? I can never get that moment back and change my actions, because that lady has long gone … but I’d like to know what others think.

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    With warmth and pull free vibes (299 days as I write this)


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