Thought: Making the Most of Your Mind

Thought management can help us achieve a purposeful, fulfilling life. We all yearn to reach our potential and can achieve this by making the most of our thoughts and optimizing our inate abilities.

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Our thoughts can determine our experience of life, and whether we are happy, sad or any of the various shades in between. The Charizmatic contentions support our growth, while many of our old opinions can lead to anxiety.

Thoughts form the basis of our feelings and emotions.

  • If we don’t think about the meaning of a situation to us personally, then we have no feelings about it.

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Richard Lazarus (1982) considered this with a number of research projects. In a controversial move which would certainly be against the British Psychological Society’s standards now, Lazarus showed his participants films involving dreadfully shocking operations and accidents. The film was designed to invoke anxiety in a similar way that a trauma might cause anxiety. He showed the films to two groups; one group heard a soundtrack which intellectualised the experience, while the other group were not given a narrative. Physical measures of the participants’ anxiety levels revealed that those who did not receive the narrative were considerably more physically stressed by the film. This research supports the view that whatever we experience, can be reduced with a positive attitude.

The Charizmatic consideration is that we (often unconsciously) comment to ourselves on everything that happens to us, and it is this unconscious commentary which either supports our growth or increases anxiety.

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