Healthy Body Image

Is your internal dialogue conducive to comfort? Most of us have don't naturally say comforting things to ourselves. If your thoughts were an invitation to your body to hurt or heal itself, what would you say about your aches and pains?

The barely conscious comments that drift through our minds may manifest as physical symptoms.

Cancer Recovery

When I was diagnosed with cancer 9 years ago, I said "Ok, so maybe I'm in for a really rough year, but it's cheap at half the price for a few extra years". A few months later, a chemo nurse asked me which was my bad arm and I said "Neither, the right one plays up now and again but I'm not sending it to reform school yet."

Some people believe their hopeless thoughts. I tell mine to jog on. I'll keep jogging too, and even though some days it hurts like hell, I will do it with a smile sometimes.

So am I one of those happy hippies who say we are to blame for our ailments? No, not at all, but I am saying we don't have to be fettered or held back by them. Pain means we're feeling it. I'm feeling it and I'm ok with it, most of the time.

Many of my friends find yoga is an absolute blessing, and many use it to maintain their wellbeing and their figures. We will be introducing some yoga pages soon but meanwhile, enjoy the website, and your life!

Body Image covers many aspects including:

    • Self Image (confidence, body dysmorphia)
    • Eating disorders (bingeing, anorexia, bulimia, food obsessions, yo-yo dieting)
    • Exercise
    • Healthy eating
    • BellyBusters diet support group
    • Appearance (clothes, jewellery, hair & make-up)

Hypnotherapeutic techniques can be very useful for improving body image issues in the comfort of your own home. Here are just a few titles you might find suit you, click each one for a detailed description: