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Are you too hard on yourself? Do you see yourself as less successful or less attractive than others?

Image is integral to self esteem, so it can easily become an obsession, leading to repetitive false thoughts.

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In an interview, Rachel asked IIs there much research to support the suggestion that most people with eating disorders have a distorted body image?"

Body Image Specialist, Neomie Da Costa replies: "I'm not sure about research projects without checking them online, but there is a wealth of evidence to support the fact that people in general don't see themselves as others do. For instance, I know someone who would describe himself as very calm and placid, while I and most of our friends think of him as quite volatile.

"We also have an extensive Aftercare system which shows that people can be in recovery for years but still picture and perceive themselves distortedly. Human beings in general are not objective creatures; there is a lot of evidence to support this. For instance, if you ask most women to close their eyes and show you with their hands, how wide they think their hips are, they will generally over-estimate. Most women think they are fatter than they are.

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$40 per hour with specialist and highly experienced professionals. "There is no denying though, that certain disorders, the most well known of which is Body Dysmorphic Disorder, do share symptoms of obsession about appearance and how others perceive our personalities. People who have this type of disorder, including many people with trichotillomania and dermatillomania are often over-judgemental of themselves in many ways. Some psychologists believe this is due to one of more of their parents or caregivers having been over-critical, but there is now some evidence to indicate that certain areas of the brain concerned with remuneration (or over-thinking) may be overactive in these individuals.

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