Trichotillomania Support, A community for lasting Freedom From Hair Pulling

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[ Genetics ]

·Gene Variation Could Explain Trichotillomania in Some Families
·Research in Mice may hold more clues to our condition
·A Cure is not so Obscure
·Feel Good Factor missing in Trichsters
·Trichster Profile
·Is Trichotillomania Genetic?


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Downloads Main Categories

· BabyBlueAngelEyes 
Rochelle's links
     · Buddies 
· CDs 
Especially for you to teach yourself the skill of releasing your tension other than through hair pulling, we are happy to bring you a huge range of audio downloads specifically for people with trichotillomania, available for your i-pod, MP3 player, to play on your PC or for direct storage on CD. ALL written and recorded by an ex hair puller. ALL proceeds to this website to keep it free permanently. Nobody profits but YOU. Don't miss these! all mp3s format.
     · Disclosure 
Shedding the Shame associated with trichotillomania and letting others know about the disorder.
· Games 
Jamie's inventions, for your plucking pleasure!
     · John Kender Diet 
A diet for trichotillomania which really helps reduce urges.
· Research 
Research papers on Trichotillomania
     · Screensavers 
Screensavers created for you by Jamie, subtle and non-disclosure oriented, but YOU'll be reminded of your goal to be pull free.
· Stress Relief 
     · Wallpapers 
Free Inspirational Wallpapers for your desktop
There are 23 Downloads and 10 Categories in our database


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