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Love is friends like YOU.
[ Love is friends like YOU. ]

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Trich Meet Ups - why it's worth being brave
Posted on Tuesday, October 25 @ 16:54:06 UTC by Neomie
Meetings jo_sea writes "My first and only meet up with people from the website, I met a lady called Z. (Leicester Sq meet Oct 2004). We started chatting and didn’t go to dinner next door for pasta because we got chatting and decided to stay in the bar all night.

We kept in contact via email, every so often, with the full intention of meeting up again. Somehow, a year went by and I met up with her, actually, 2 weekends ago.

It is interesting because within that year, we have both gone through so much in different ways. I was worried for a while about meeting her again because I stopped pulling for a personal world record of 7-months Dec-June, and sort of forgot how it’s so addictive. I'm pulling here and there now but not in addict mode like I have been over the past 10 years. I can now have whole days not pulling.

It is true that once a puller it's there inside you dormant. But so are many things lying dormant inside you including being able to believe that you can stop. For me, positive affiirmations, and visualisation was the key thing to being able to stop pulling. When the stress got to me: clenching my fists: digging my nails into my hands really helped. I had to do something to equal the stress and at least my hands are out of my hair/away from my eyebrows.

I definatly have moments of 'I can't stop' (especially around PMS). But to change it to 'I can stop' lightens the situation considerably however much not I’m feeling it/convinced by it/still pulling like there’s no tomorrow. I can stop.

I was very daunted by meeting up with people in some random bar, as I hate pub situations: all that surface chit chat about nothing real. This was why Z and I stayed chatting all night, as soon as we got talking about hair pulling, we had soooo much to chat about. We get different urges to pull; her head itches whereas mine doesn’t – different types of hair pulling. I get urges to pull my eyebrows and occasionally eyelashes too, she doesn’t. For two people who don’t particularly think they have much self esteem, we have a major thing in common and there’s not many people who you can chat to face to face, seeing your hair as it is, and feel completely understood.




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