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Medication for Trichotillomania
[ Medication for Trichotillomania ]

·Possible Self Harm risk Posed by Anti-Depressants
·Children's Prescriptions Increasing


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Research: Memory and Trichotillomania
Posted on Wednesday, August 20 @ 00:00:00 UTC by Neomie
Individual Experiences of Trich Some people with Trichotillomania have very specific memory challenges. The area of the brain that is affected by Trichotillomania is quite close to the center for memory, and we have good evidence that stress hampers certain types of memory.

For instance, some people have very little directional memory, commonly known as having no sense of direction. Many people with disorders like Trichotillomania, Dermatillomania and eating disorders, have very little memory of their childhood. This survey will help us to gather information regarding memory function and which aspects of memory are particularly affected (if at all) in the majority of people with Trichotillomania. For my own part, my memory is quite severely damaged. It was fine until I had my daughter, then it steadily became worse. I eat a punnet of blueberries every day to help with my memory and I do find this works for me. Since chemo, however, I have struggled more and more with memory, to the degree that I keep doing the same things twice or more times, without any memory that I did it the first time. For example, if I run out of envelopes, I order more on the internet and before they arrive, I've ordered two more sets, having no memory of doing so already!!! Obviously memory has a big part to play in studying, so the evidence we gather here will help us in the long-term to get the understanding we need from the education authorities. To participate in our survey and/or supply information for students of Trichotillomania, please click FORUMS from the left hand menu, then go to NEWS and Memory (if you can remember that ;-)



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