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How Often Do You Feel Like A Failure
Posted on Tuesday, December 29 @ 14:21:36 UTC by Neomie
Meetings Jackie_S writes "Everybody feels like a failure from time to time, and as I reach the end of the year I feel (at this moment) like the year just ending was the year of failure for me.

At the end of each year, in my journal, I complete the sentence "This was the year of ......." so seeing the word "Failure" there was both thought-provoking and an incentive to take positive action.

I'm lucky enough to know that people feel like failures sometimes and that emotions change from moment to moment. It was only when I didn't understand those natural rhythms and cycles of sensation that I would get floored by feelings of failure.

A variety of tools help me through these feelings. The first and most significant, is to examine the feelings against the facts.

. I passed another set of post-graduate exams this year, so that blows my "year of failure" theory out of the window. On the negative side, I am still single despite having a couple of relationships at different times of the year. I had poor health through some of the year and my personal relationships are in no better a state than they were at the start of the year. I am, though, now able to rationalise that's not an area of my life I have CHOSEN to invest much of my time in.

Everyone chooses certain aspects of their life to develop and others to let go. I've always given a lot of attention to my looks and I look much fitter than most people of my age. I'm no spring chicken but I still turn heads.

The biggest focus of my life is my career, which involves a lot of studying and in this respect the year which is just ending has been a great success. I help people overcome problems in making and maintaining friendships and obsessive thought disorders. I tried to count the number of people whose lives have been socially enriched because of me during the year and there are just too many. I've also been actively involved helping schools to understand more about shyness and how to support introverted students.

Recurrent feelings of failure are defined as "depressive thoughts" but they can be used positively. As you can see, at the end of the year I evaluate what I feel I failed at. I use these feelings to define my goals for the following year. Before I knew that recurrent feelings of failure were actually depressive thoughts, I gave them more power and they took over my life.

If you feel like a failure more than twice or three times a day, it is worth examining why, exploring facts that prove otherwise, and if you can't use those thoughts positively to help you become more successful, seeking help. Our online coaching package is definitely worth your investment and the free forums also offer support and understanding.

We hope to hear more from you in the coming year.




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