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[ Meetings ]

·Bad hair day? More like a bad hair life!
·How Often Do You Feel Like A Failure
·Trich Meet Ups - why it's worth being brave
·Trichnic 2004
·Linseeds help


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Trichotillomania Support Online: Meetings

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  Meetings Bad hair day? More like a bad hair life!

spinner writes "I'm sure we have all heard of the saying 'Having a bad hair day'....

What about 'Your hair is your crowning glory'....

or even 'I felt like tearing my hair out'....

Society puts a lot of pressure on people, especially women, to look good and feel good. Hair is seen as a big part of that looking and feeling good picture. But hair is only a very small part of our make up and it does not define who we are."
Posted by Neomie on Tuesday, December 29 @ 00:00:00 UTC (3239 reads)
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  Meetings How Often Do You Feel Like A Failure

Jackie_S writes "Everybody feels like a failure from time to time, and as I reach the end of the year I feel (at this moment) like the year just ending was the year of failure for me."
Posted by Neomie on Tuesday, December 29 @ 14:21:36 UTC (1795 reads)
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  Meetings Trich Meet Ups - why it's worth being brave

jo_sea writes "My first and only meet up with people from the website, I met a lady called Z. (Leicester Sq meet Oct 2004). We started chatting and didn’t go to dinner next door for pasta because we got chatting and decided to stay in the bar all night.

We kept in contact via email, every so often, with the full intention of meeting up again. Somehow, a year went by and I met up with her, actually, 2 weekends ago.

It is interesting because within that year, we have both gone through so much in different ways. I was worried for a while about meeting her again because I stopped pulling for a personal world record of 7-months Dec-June, and sort of forgot how it’s so addictive. I'm pulling here and there now but not in addict mode like I have been over the past 10 years. I can now have whole days not pulling.
Posted by Neomie on Tuesday, October 25 @ 16:54:06 UTC (6148 reads)
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  Meetings Trichnic 2004

spinner writes "I am delighted to be able to tell you the venue for the Trichnic 2004

The big event will take place at Bonaly Outdoor Centre, Edinburgh on the weekend of June 18-20th.
Posted by Neomie on Monday, October 06 @ 06:54:09 UTC (3297 reads)
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  Meetings Linseeds help

Julia writes "I have recently been eating half a teaspoon a day of linseeds. I have felt like a different person. I am feeling much more relaxed and have a calmer approach to life."
Posted by Neomie on Monday, February 24 @ 21:23:46 UTC (7308 reads)
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