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You CAN make a difference, to your hair and others' lives.

Trichotillomania charity, Trichotillomania Support was started in 1996 by Neo, who at the time was working as a network manager. Quickly the site grew and it was evident that it needed at least one full time staff member, so Neo gave up her job to support people like yourself, full time. Gradually her savings dwindled and now she is literally just about managing. If you can help us out with a donation, no matter how small, we would be so grateful.

This site is committed to coaching and providing ongoing support and solutions for body focused repetitive behaviours. The majority of information and services on our website are provided to you free of charge.

This trichotillomania non profit is here to assist with bfrbs setbacks, hair pulling relapse, trichotillomania, eyelash pulling, We can supply psychological assessments, and educational advice regarding hair pulling disorder. skin picking. You can stop hair pulling. Don't forget to check out the trichotillomania diet which can help stop hairpulling.

Another way to support your site is to delve into our store: A crystal cove of hidden treasures where YOU CAN discover the secrets of staying one step ahead and let go of unwanted habits gently, with ease.

Your own worst enemy? Indulge yourself for a change, let self reward set YOU free. Reward literally is the only proven method of behavioral control. Follow our step by step instructions and reward yourself for your successes.


We believe that people can heal themselves, with knowledge they and only they have, deep down. Sometimes it takes someone else to help that information come to the surface.

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Trichotillomania Support, presenting usable, SAFE and simple solutions to BFRBs.