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Resources for sensitive children

This is an ever-developing resource for parents and children. Parenting a sensitive child can feel overwhelming;  you will be so proud of this child.  You will want them nearby when you are feeling down or unwell.  They will surprise you with their kindness. We need sensitive people in our lives, even though it can be a challenge to negotiate all the ups and downs of their childhood. We’ll bring you tips to help harden them to criticism and rejection, and enable them to understand that mistakes are necessary for self-improvement.

We not only treat children with anxiety problems or repetitive behaviors, we also comfort parents and help stop stress from spreading in families. When we treat children on skype or other video chat, we use a lot of art therapy and story telling.  You can enquire about our service by calling our helpline +447910 114739 or
contact us here. Alternatively, you can dive right in and book a session.
All children are awesome just the way they are, and all children benefit from a little bit of extra comfort.

Beautiful Sisters is a ten minute video which can start an interesting dialogue between parents and children. It is useful when children are being too direct or critical of others, to open dialogue in connection with sibling appropriate behavior and to highlight that sometimes the truth is not required. We also have a set of questions to download, which can give you a start to discussing this video.


Suitable for over 7s

Follow Trichotillomania’s board children on Pinterest. The King and the Tarnished Ball is a ten minute MP3 story for 7 to 9 year olds, on the theme of a beautiful garden, solving problems together and planting seeds for new growth.

There is also a cross cultural written story on our stories with morals page

I do like growing is a really short poem for under 7s, designed to help children stop picking flowers or pulling eyelashes.