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Happy Friday all! We have had a busy start to 2017, here at Trichotillomania Support! The most exciting thing is our lovely new volunteer, Sarah, who is helping with Social Media. Fabulous start on Instagram, Sarah!

I have recently had a conversation with an adorable 7 year old on Skype about hating curled eyelashes, which was interesting to me as I always hated the ones which wouldn’t curl and seemed to grow straight. Which leads me to ask you, which eyelashes particularly bother you and why?

If you are a scalp puller, are you someone who goes for the wiggly or crinkly hairs? The HOURS I spent searching for those! We do have a lovely lady who would like a buddy with the crinkly hair obsession.

We have also had a lot of questions recently from our tric family about setting boundaries. Is there something you want to be more assertive about or someone you would like to respect your boundaries more?

With a new year starting lets open some dialogue and get talking about this condition, the things that wind us up and the things we’re grateful for. Let’s make 2017 the year we all come together to tame the tric monster.

Let me start, I am grateful for every second Sarah is here and helping to get us all chatting and accepting that we have this condition and it doesn’t have to define us.

Now your turn…

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