The planet’s rhythm

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 I wonder if, like me, you believe that there is a rhythmic, flowing wisdom that beats at the heart of our beautiful planet.  Some species are naturally connected to this, for instance dolphins and bees, while others have groups who connect or temporarily connect.  I think we as humans can all tune in to this, but some cultures are more connected than others.  Does technology really connect us, or can it disconnect us?  These are interesting philosophies worth considering.  What really matters, what will continue from our presence after our bodies have died?  Consider your contribution and whether it matters that it appears in your name or becomes part of a collective contribution of humanity?  These are thoughts for today.

The Done List

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 Our brains are set to notice the things we haven’t been able to do. To move us to keep achieving more and more. So many of us have self-expectations which are simply too high. The most driven amongst us are absolutely exhausted by the inner champion, driving us on to do more and more. Most of us are constantly feeling overwhelmed by our ever-growing to-do list but not taking the time to notice what has been achieved. Twice a week, take some time to write a ‘DONE’ list, so you can see how much you are accomplishing.

The Secret Life of Bees

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 I spent this weekend looking at ways to improve the website and make it easier to navigate, which turned out to be quite a cleansing and enjoyable task. I even found time to read some of my new book, The Secret Life of Bees, which a trichotillomania client kindly gifted to me at Christmas. A really delightful read which is far more potent than the title might suggest. For anyone whose mother was not around during their childhood or teens, you may find this book is particularly healing, but it also has a central theme of forgiveness which is appropriate for absolutely anyone. If you are not normally a reader, the film is said to be really good too. If you are one of the many whose unwanted behavior (e.g. skin picking or hair pulling) crops up particularly when you are reading, just try reading two pages at a time …