child hair pulling, bfrbs, nail biting, etc.

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A: I’m a mum to a 10 year old who has trich, there is OCD, anxiety and

depression in our family too. I have OCD and depression myself. I do

blame myself, it makes me sad.

Trichotillomania Support: Hi Alison. Please don’t blame yourself. You

may find the following pages useful.

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A: Thank you for your support, I sometimes feel lost. It’s comforting to

hear reassuring words. I will look through all the info

Trichotillomania Support: You’re welcome, good luck, and we’re

always here for you.

A: She also went to CAHMS for a couple of years, they concluded she

had separation anxiety from me (a complete shock as she is a Daddy’s

girl) I had post natal after my son was born and I drifted away from my

daughter after 2 years of being very close. Not my fault I had post

natal but I’m still responsible? I don’t beat myself up it’s just I’m aware

of it.

Trichotillomania Support: I’m glad you don’t beat yourself up but

you’re not “responsible” any more than you would be if you’d been in

an accident and had to stay in hospital for a period of time.
What’s importnat is that you obviously care very much and you’re doing

everything you can.

A: Thank you. She has already posted on the Forum and loves it. She

is having hypnosis at the moment for the trich. She had her 4th visit

yesterday. After doing research on the condition, hypnosis came up

time and again. It calms her anxiety and has helped.

Trichotillomania Support: I’m so glad hypnosis is helping. It’s such a

relief when you find something that works. Have you heard of

mindfulness and the jars you can make to help children find calm?

We also have a hypnotherapy recording that your daughter may like.

I’ll post that link below as well.

We also have a number of relaxing recording which can help you to relax, and this will have a wonderful side effect of calming your child too. Good luck.