Treatment for Trichotillomania, skin picking and other BFRBs


Our coaches each have their own story of overcoming discomfort and distress. “We are not superior to our clients and we are not in a position of authority over them, we have experienced the same problems they are facing and we have come through – not perfect, but feeling ok. Our stories help to illustrate the powerful methods we used to stop compulsive behaviour”, says Neo, founder and coach, ritual free since 2002.

“We have like an anthology of stories which comfort, encourage, reward, share values, discipline, transform, build experience, facilitate problem solving, reduce urges and heal. These are just some samples, like a taster plate of healthful, helpful fruits and beautifully displayed foods plucked delicately from a fragrant and delicious banquet; good for you and enjoyable.

Do you remember what it Is like to imagine your future, or even tomorrow as an improvement on today, to maybe go a little further and imagine it turning out to be just the way you want it, or to give yourself permission to explore what you really want for yourself?

Coaching can coax this state of wellbeing within you, focus it on freedom and help you to fully engage yourself in the magic of your own story. Building and deepening for you this entrancing fantasy of freedom, you become transformed into familiar and yet more comfortable YOU.

Coaching lurees you out of ancient, complacent patterns into really experiencing life in a way you may not have previously encountered – to fit with life and nature so that somehow, in the process, you are continually discovering new, remarkable things about yourself.

Friendship, companions, coaches, trailblazers have from time immemorial been inspirational, effective and preferred techniques for communicating information, teaching values, and sharing what is important – paramount – in life. Someone who already knew how to walk and talk, taught you to do those things … surely it just feels easy and in-flow with the natural sequence of events for someone who has already freed themselves from your particular problem, to lead you gently by the hand to your own place of recovery and wellbeing. Coaching is simply is a logical and practical extension of an established and effective medium of passing on skills and resources.

Just listening to someone else’s success story, reading an email about how they recovered themselves, is an invitation, a comfortable a powerful hypnotic induction, to participate in a unique new relationship with life. Our coaching emails are not just comfortable, they are words that invite you on a journey into a world of imagination where reality is transformed, and learning becomes deeper, more profound, and infinitely more potent.

Our lively emails are an invitation into a fundamental inner realm of experience where you can become entranced and your life becomes enhanced. With our emailed words, you find yourself focusing your imagination and pinpointing your attention on your own freedom. You can share the emotions of the coach. They invoke participation in an easy, relaxed and equal relationship in which coach and client share an interactive, respectful bond.

Coaching covers vital characteristics of communication effectively:

1. It is interactive.
2. It brings you in and leads by making your goals look more attractive.
3. It can bypass resistance hypnotically.
4. It engages, comforts and nurtures your individuality.
5. It is direct and honest.

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All these things help to slow thinking, reduce compulsive urges, manage behavior and make you feel more whole and complete and highlight the freedom you have within you.

The coaching relaitonship reflects many of the characteristics we seek to create in our social relationships and gives us the tools to do so.

As we reflect, read and listen to our coaching emails and mp3s, our relationships with self and others, as well as our view of the world, softens and adapts. Sharing our stories builds connections, deepens friendships, challenges ideas, provides magical models for improved behavior, and enhances
enjoyment of life. In the coach, we may often some of ourselves and may be warmed and soothed, little by little, by their outlook, attitudes, vulnerabilities, values, resources, techniques and skills. Once we have embarked on this journey something inside us has changed forever, and the same is true of the coaches’ work with every individual, there is no return once the secrets of the soul have been unravelled and once the stories we tell ourselves every day are brought out from their darkness into illumination, they stop trying to destroy our lives and become just stories; a magical language that seeks to destroy or enhance our lives. We use them for good and they mould to fit us more fully into a society which has wanted to welcome us all along . the FREE world.

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