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Tempted to self harm? Stop and post here for support.
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It is great to get advice, but support from someone who has transformed their own life can really help you improve how YOU feel.

I wonder if like me, you have been reading all you can about health and wellbeing, but often feel that you’re just not doing your best to stick to it. Maybe you feel like it doesn’t work for you. In all honesty, are YOU working for it as well as you could?

Work makes the world work … we all collaborate on social media to understand each other and develop the world itself. .Our social media helps you to manage your lifestyle, including health, physical and emotional wellbeing – even fashion and friendship.

We can help you take those extra steps to get you from where you are now to where you ultimately want to be.

Are you a sensitive person? Perhaps someone who doesn’t easily fit in to conventional society? We can help.
You may require more solitude than many others but you can still enjoy being YOU. This site is committed to one-on-one coaching, face to face online, and providing ongoing support and solutions for you as an individual.
We will introduce you to someone who has overcome upheavals just like yours, and grown stronger, evolved as a brighter, more fulfilled person who now helps others overcome challenges like your own.
The majority of information and services on our website are provided to you free of charge. Those you pay for – you can be certain that 100% of funding goes to supporting people with specialist conditions.
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is our passion as we firmly believe that when we dress up and show up, we get more from life.