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Coaching 50 minutes – stop skin picking BFRB



50 minute online coaching session for skin picking by an ex skin picker

Skin picking is not so difficult to stop, when you realise exactly what is driving the behavior. (Apologies, we are British but use the American spellings because we get more complaints when we don’t, and we have many clients in the USA).

A person is more than a pixel. By picking at your skin, you may be feeling imperfections in an organism that is just fine on a larger level. We can help you to view yourself as fine in yourself.

Often picking takes place at a subconscious, or even unconscious level (I used to pick in my sleep). The most effective and clearest tool to change behavior which occurs below consciousness, is via hypnosis or guided meditations.


We recommend you follow the link the link and try the recording but if you don’t feel comfortable with hypnosis, or you need longer term care and support, then you have come to the right place. You are in great hands. As an organisation, we are here for you for life, and you can dip in to our services or commit to a BFRB treatment block.

We recognise the attributes of each individual, finding out about you and you will always be working with the same person. We do not swap coaches, and each of our coaches are supervised to give you the best possible service.

Perfection, concentration, sensory sensitivity and anxiety are just a few of the considerations we take into account in this sensitive and innovative treatment for skin picking.

Dermatillomania (compulsive skin picking or CSP) is a complex condition but you can manage it and you can stop picking. There is a balance between accepting that you have this condition and acceptance that there is always something you can do to reduce your urges and to help yourself in the present moment.

Be brave, book a session now and let us worry about your appetite or urge to pick – let us help you out on your journey to pick freedom. You can always contact us via the website and our support is second to none because we’ve BEEN where you are now.

“Genuinely surfed an urge for the first time ever today. Was just about to squeeze a bump on my arm that was bothering me, and then I just thought ‘I don’t need to do this’ and put my hand down! Progress. Feel like my increased self-acceptance is extending to my skin.”