Online coaching – specialist subject BFRBs and social anxiety, or just plain business, relationship and life coaching.

You can select your coaching date and time.

  • Leave 48 hours from now for admin purposes as your coach will need a bit of advance warning.
  • Sessions are not one hour, they are 50 minutes – the remaining 10 minutes is for the coach to make notes and prepare your treatment plan.

It is easy for talking therapies to do more harm than good to people with compulsive conditions.  Our coaches are professional and offer complete transparency.  You will be satisfied – we are certain of this, certain enough to offer a money back guarantee for this single session.

Our chief coach is an ex hair puller, who pulled for 27 years and is more than 14 years years pull free.  We can help stop hair pulling, head scratching, hair knotting, hair eating, self-biting and self harm as well as our super successful program to stop skin picking.  BFRBs have a compulsive element, often accompanied by obsessive thoughts.  Self harm and PICA are also body focused and repetitive, and covered by our services, as are other conditions: cheek biting, hiding behind things or repeatedly pulling at clothes to cover perceived physical faults, lip-picking, fingernail biting to excess, including excessively biting the skin around the fingernails, finger biting, scratching the scalp repeatedly, eyelash or eyebrow pulling, sticking pins in self the list is endless!!!

Our coaches each have their own story of overcoming adversity. We are not superior to our clients and we are not in a position of authority  but are simply normal people, like yourself, who we have experienced the same problems and have come through – not perfect, but free of negative behaviour and feeling ok. Our stories help to illustrate the powerful methods we used to stop compulsive behavior.

  • monitor moods and goals online
  • goal-orientated and upbeat
  • help to slow thinking, reduce compulsive urges, manage behavior
  • specialist coach-assisted computer program for social anxiety
  • We get results and know how to maintain them by teaching
  • Develop recovery and maintenance skills
  • ongoing support

True life recovery stories which comfort, encourage, reward, share values, discipline, transform, build experience, facilitate problem solving, reduce urges and heal. Just listening to someone else’s success story, reading an email about how they themselves recovered, is an invitation, a comfortable and powerful hypnotic induction, to participate in a unique new relationship with life.

Our emails encourage and nurture, focusing your imagination and pinpointing your attention on your own freedom. They invoke participation in an easy, relaxed and equal relationship in which coach and client share an interactive, respectful bond.

Coaching covers vital characteristics of communication effectively:

  1. It connects with you and inspires you by working on what matters toyou.
  2. It can bypass resistance hypnotically.
  3. It engages, supports and inspires your individuality.
  4. It is direct and honest.

The coaching relationship reflects many of the characteristics we seek to create in our social relationships and gives us the tools to do so. As we reflect, read and listen to our coach, our relationships with self and others, as well as our view of the world, softens and adapts. Sharing  stories builds connections, deepens friendships, challenges ideas, and enhances enjoyment of life. In the coach, we may often see some of ourselves and may be warmed and soothed, little by little, by their outlook, attitudes, vulnerabilities, values, resources, techniques and skills.

Once we have embarked on this journey something inside us has changed forever, a single session of coaching can change YOUR life and can help us gain more information with which to help the next person.

Embrace your freedom. Book YOUR SESSION now.