Healthy Eating by Neovision



Healthy Eating is a hypnotherapy recording designed to help you to regulate your eating habits and to help you to lose weight if that’s what you wish. This is a product which requires constant repetition and we would recommend you play the recording once a day for 30 days.

You may even choose to play it on repeat all through the night. From time to time during the playing of this recording you will hear affirmations or positive statements, which can help you achieve your aims. The affirmations on this recording include I LOSE WEIGHT EFFORTLESSLY & EASILY; EVERY DAY IS MORE FRUITFUL THAN THE LAST, ARTIFICIAL SUGAR TASTES LIKE SOAP AND REPULSES ME.

We suggest you write these affirmations on cards and carry them around with you, tape them to your mirror and repeat them regularly. Enjoy!

Other titles available include : Sleep Soundly, Cultivating Confidence, Better Body Image, Memory & Concentration & many more.

You are purchasing a download. If you would like a CD for an extra £2, please Contact Us after you have completed the transaction below. Thank you!