How To Be Smoke Free by Neovision



You’re careful not to take painkillers too often but you’ll breathe in a haze of poison that you’ve paid through the nose for. A slap on the hand won’t stop you, and tearing up your ciggies has failed. Playing this chirpy recording as you sleep is just another crackpot thing you’ll try and give up on … or is it? The colourful imagery of this recording eases you into an altered, relaxed reality where you can reframe your subconscious mind so that you don’t reach for ciggies but instead breathe calmness. The hesitant space will move you and give you the momentum needed to retain your smoke freedom in the longer term … so that you’re followed by a light of success and not a haze of nasty smelling smoke. Listen often, and you can enjoy life more than the tobacconists!

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