MEvolution by Neovision




This audio download forms a relaxation recording which has been specifically scripted to help YOU to move your own needs up your priorities list.

Written and softly spoken by Dr Neomie Da Costa, B.Msc.D, this recorded hypnotherapy session puts you in touch with your stronger side.

Relax into this recording as it gently utilizes a variety of techniques including NLP and Transactional Analysis to help you to care for yourself more.

Anyone with a drive to please others to the detriment of themselves will benefit.

Cleverly worded for maximum mind programming, this compelling download can help with your problem solving skills and raise your confidence if played daily.

Every Neovision CD is designed to help you to be the best you can be.

Raise your game by downloading it today.

CDs in this series can aid concentration and ease the process of sleep at night.

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