Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating by Charizma
Available for Download now,
A hypnotherapy recording designed to help you gain a better over your eating habits for life.

You can relax around your eating arrangements. Lose weight naturally, eating less and more healthily.

Hypnotic and magically mesmeric techniques to calm and relax you around all your food concerns. Used on a regular basis, this recording
can really help your personal programming around food.

You’re doing your best, but everyone can do better with sustained encouragement. Undoubtedly, it’s time to enrich your life with nutritious foods which fill you with energy; after all, everyone tells you: you are what you eat.

Clinically proven to help thousands internationally, this dynamic diet download offers you privileged information about our most successful secret for healthy eating.

This product requires
constant repetition
and we recommend you play the recording at least once a day for
30 days.

  • Group dieting
  • Better Body Image
  • Group dieting
  • Repetition is a key component of diet and weight loss, so we would recommend you play the recording once a day for 30 days. Oops, did we say that again?

    You may even choose to play it on repeat all through the night.

    Imagine awakening each day feeling comfortable, calm, positive,and filled with an uplifted sense of self and enthusiasm about the day ahead and a focus on enjoying life rather than food.

    Foodies can unconsciously use any experience as an excuse for the next binge, but repeatedly playing this recording affords you full, free access to all foods with freedom to make the choices which make the difference.

    Entice your fit and healthy life and see it in the mirror bringing you feelings of success.

    Charizma continues to create outstandingbreakthroughs in diet management and maintenance and monumentally life-enhancing bonuses in helping people just like you to transform themselves from unique to uniquely inspirational.

    You deserve to reward yourself with vibrant energy, and this Healthy Eating download can help you awaken that energizing light and radiate it, adding to your self-belief and body confidence.

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    Positive choices,
    proven for you!

    Charizma’s stripped down style gives clear and concise sensible suggestions, enabling you to enjoy results that will keep you enthusing about developing your diet skills.

    Every small success, in turn increases your perception of yourself as a success, and activates a ripple effect which multiplies and magnetises the initial success into a chain of more dynamic successes.

    This recording includes affirmations or positive statements, which can help you achieve your aims. The affirmations on this recording include I LOSE WEIGHT EFFORTLESSLY & EASILY; EVERY DAY IS MORE FRUITFUL THAN THE LAST, ARTIFICIAL SUGAR TASTES LIKE SOAP AND REPULSES ME. We suggest you write these affirmations on cards and carry them around with you, tape them to your mirror and repeat them regularly.