How to stop overplucking eyebrows

How To Stop Overplucking Eyebrows

We get a lot of letters from people asking us how they can stop over plucking eyebrows. We have an arsenal of tips which can really help. Eyebrows are really easy to permanently damage so over-plucking isn’t ideal, although super-thin eyebrows are apparently all the rage.

If your excessive eyebrow plucking started in childhood or prior to the age of fourteen, it is very likely a condition called Trichotillomania. If the only hair that you pull is eyebrow hairs, though, it is a very mild version of the condition and probably won’t need treatment. If you also pull eyelashes or head hair, we recommend you contact Trichotillomania Support.

If your eyebrow plucking episodes relieve tension, or are accompanied by an obsessive tendency to pick or scratch, meditation and relaxation recordings may help.


Put your tweezers in a different place after each use to prevent overplucking eyebrows, it will take you longer to find them and while looking for them you have a little extra time to remind yourself to go easy with them.

• If you have itchy eyebrows, don’t hesitate to use anti-itch creams on them, sparingly. Of course, at your own risk. The best solutions we have found are coconut oil (no good if you wear make-up); anti-thrush creams like Canestan and hydro-cortisone creams. Many people have mentioned using KY jelly on their eyebrows helps because they don’t like the feel of it. Let’s just say eyebrows need genital handling – cringe!

You could of course have your eyebrows permanently removed and then tattooed back on, if the problem is extreme.

• Wear clear eyeglasses (available on Amazon)

• Record keeping is crucial to any form of habit change. Make a table consisting of hourly slots for each hour you are awake. In that table, make a dot every time you pluck a hair, next to the relevant hour. This will make you more aware of the habit itself.

Who you are, is not just about your appearance

Learn to view yourself in the mirror as an overall picture, rather than over-focusing on aspects of your face. Imagine that you are looking at a face that is further away, diverge your eyes – or slightly defocus them. It can really help to start thinking in terms of “the face” rather than “my face”.

Raise decorative mirrors in your home to above your eye level, this will help you not to identify stray hairs, leading to overplucking eyebrows.

With increasing numbers of people concerned about their health, habits and appearance, many find themselves facing challenges with their behaviour. You are not alone if you over-pluck your eyebrows and help is available. You are unlikely to need help, though, if you follow these tips and ease up on yourself.

Be willing to revise what you view as over-plucking, so that you pick your battles with yourself more than you pick at eyebrows.