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Metaphysics is non-denominational and the idea is for you to take what you can relate to and ditch the rest.

Metaphysicians believe that above and beyond the human mind and ego, there is a Higher Mind, to which we are all connected and which we can all tap in to for guidance and direction. Perhaps you believe it was this Higher Mind which helped you to click on this website and that we are linked for a reason.

While we all have access to the Higher Mind, regrettably perhaps, we also have within us a kind of mini “destroyer” who doesn’t think we deserve therapy, or money, or anything good in life, in fact. According to metaphysics this destroyer has been programmed by society and our parents etc. So in a way it is the Societal Mind which creates our inner destroyer. I find it helps when I have worries etc., to think “Oh, that’s just my inner destroyer. Nice try, guy!” and then I attune again to the Higher Mind and feel safe. The Charizma sense of calm
has its roots in Metaphysics.

Many people think that the Higher Mind is our connection to God. Some people find comfort in that one word, while other people are outraged by it. What matters is that there is a positive force both inside and outside of ourselves which continually strives for our spiritual growth. We are all part of that energy. The force is stronger than any problem could ever be, and can help us to overcome our problems.

The word Metaphysics consists of two words, Metta, a Buddhist word which has no English equivalent but means pure loving acceptance, and physics, which is of course a science. In fact, both are sciences.

An easy way to remember what Metaphysics is : the science of Love (metta) and Fear (physics).

You’ll remember from your physics lessons that there are two forces of energy, positive energy and negative energy. For Neovision purposes, we simplify it by calling Positive Energy “love” and negative energy “fear”.

Fear is normal, perfectly acceptable but not always valid. Charizma trains us to attune to the positive. Most people are like pendulums, swinging constantly between love and fear, fear and love, love and fear. Charizma enables us to steer that pendulum to come back to the positive all the time.

The Law of Attraction : In physical science, opposites attract – as a positive magnet will attract a negative magnet. In Metaphysics, the science of the MIND, the law is reversed. In terms of the human mind and the Universal Mind, Like attracts like. SO : Loving feelings and a loving attitude will attract loving relationships, tenderness, prosperity, health and happiness etc.
If we get too depressed and fearful, that will have a snowball effect. Like attracts like and we attract all life’s garbage towards us, in terms of poverty, bad relationships, ill health etc. Talk about life kicking you when you’re down!
The power of love is always stronger. Fear can’t even hold a candle to real love like Metta.
In other words, whatever it is you are afraid of, if the fear is irrational, you can get through it with love. If you’re afraid of jumping off the Empire State Building, that’s a rational fear and one to be thankful for!
If you’re afraid to go out of the house due to agoraphobia … well we have to look at the reasons for that, overcome them with love and reach the end of the panic.

© Dr Neomie Da Costa B.Msc.D. 2009


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