Choices create experiences. Everything is an invitation

As a metaphysician, I believe that choices create experiences. Everything is an invitation, to heaven or hell.   What do I mean by that?  Not the old idea of heaven being up in the clouds and cherubs flying, nor hell as hot as fury with a demonic red devil.

On the contrary, I see heaven and hell both as being a dimension of life, positive and negative.heaven or hell 1

Everything I eat is an invitation to positive or negative health, imminently.

Every breath I take is an invitation to a deeper or a more shallow outlook on life.

Every sight I see invites me to beauty or chaos.

How does all this fit into daily life?  This morning on my dog walk, I asked myself, “What does taking this route invite?”  in relation to the quickest route back.  My answer was, taking the quickest route back would invite a workaholic style of existence, with a more frantic feel.  I took the longest route home, giving my dog greater exercise and inviting him to stay in my life for longer.

Returning home, thirsty, I opened the fridge and saw the bottle of Pepsi Max.  I decided it invited an artificial lifestyle and instead cut up a lemon and placed it in a glass of water, then cut some fresh mint leaves and put those in too.  I drank that and it invited me to be grateful to the plants which provided the flavour and the people who helped bring the water to my taps.

I choose to resist natural urges to self-destruct, because they invite not a red devil, but feelings that something other than me is running my life.