Freedom from Pain & Discomfort

Pain is a part of life, not a punishment for personal flaws.  There are plenty of people who live with constant discomfort.  Two of the biggest problems are constant worry about what might be causing the pain, and feeling guilty for complaining.

Learn to lighten pain, relax and ease away anything from longer term and chronic health problems to mild and occassional discomfort. Alleviate and detach, bringing improved comfort.

    • Emotional Detachment from Pain
    • Self Anesthesia
    • Self Hypnosis
    • Relaxation
    • Healing

Hypnotherapeutic techniques can be very useful for reducing painin the comfort of your own home. Once thought of as a debatable phenomena, now neuro-imaging techniques have shown the effects of hypnotic and calming techniques actually reduce pain even for very serious illnesses. Can you afford not to try it?