3 Rules for Saying No and Time Management

3 Rules for Saying No and Sticking With It

Time management is a must when there are messages coming out of every pore in every human!

I sat down to write this article and in remarkably timely fashion, a friend texted asking me how to use Skype. I replied that she should google it, which leads me nicely to rule 1.

Teach a man to fish rather than throwing him a fish – or in modern terms, if someone asks you a question, get them to google it.

Rule 2:
You are allowed to say no, so don’t apologise. Your time management is your responsibility. You may feel guilty for saying no but you don’t have anything to feel guilty about. You needn’t always help people out. Too much information can give the other person leeway for negotiation. Practice this little statement: “That sounds great but I have conflicting commitments, making it impossible.” There is a conflict between your commitment to yourself and to others: Self wins, especially if productivity is your priority.

Rule 3:
Time management makes more time for smiling. Wait 20 minutes before replying to anything, even texts. Why? People often change their minds or correct themselves. As you get more adept at this you can amend to only read or reply to messages on this schedule.

These 3 simple rules will save you heaps of time in just one week. I’m not asking you to say no to everyone, helping people out is a wonderful thing, but helping yourself more is ok.

Your time – managed beautifully, in just 3 steps.

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