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Our coaching team offer individual levels of email, phone or Skype support for unique people, always treating people rather than conditions.

People who most need encouragement and support often believe they don’t deserve it, and many can’t afford to pay. We are committed to providing free treatment for everyone, this may still be years ahead of us; but meanwhile we work voluntarily, with any fees from products and services going directly to maintain the sites.

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The Charizma Team have naturally been drawn together to provide a respectful and affordable way of helping people attract what they long for (freedom) without giving them what they don’t want (a feeling of inadequacy or illness).
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Meet the coaches:
You were born absolutely fine, and even when you have emotional problems, you are still ultimately fine. Any distress or discomfort can be comfortably resolved with the understanding of someone who has walked the same path to freedom.
Qualified Registered Coaches just an email away.

Online Coaching relieves you of that feeling that there’s something actually wrong, and simply helps you optimise your life so that you attract actions you do want, rather than behaviors that no longer work for you. This can be as simple as stopping making the same relationship mistakes or the more complicated, learning to let go of compulsive hoarding or checking.

So if you’re applying for help getting over extreme shyness, you’ll get a coach who has overcome Social Anxiety Disorder and if you want to stop skin-picking or self-harming, your coach will be someone who used to do the same, but is in recovery with Charizma ’s support. You ALWAYS get someone who understands something you may have thought nobody would ever understand and that means you can easily complete your coaching and still feel normal.

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Coaches work voluntarily, with any payments from products or services going towards site upkeep.