How I stopped pulling, Guardian Angels by Louise

Once I put myself in the Neovision therapists’ hands and let them lead the way, my life was on a new course. I liked the anonymity of online therapy where I could express myself in writing. Since that day 8 months ago I have pulled perhaps 5 hairs. I won’t lie and say it’s been easy. I used to spend all my energy hiding the evidence of my pulling, agonizing over the damage I had done, berating myself, which led to more pulling. I now devote all that effort to managing the urges, handling stress and minimizing the drama in my life. After so many years of pulling I was worried that regrowth was impossible. I have been very lucky – my hair has grown in fine and curly and grey (thank goodness for brown hair dye) at half the density it was when I was younger. I suspect that had I continued pulling for another decade the damage would have been permanent. The response from my friends and co-workers has been overwhelming. In fact many people who haven’t seen me in a while fail to recognize me at first.How does it all work? I fill in the online assessment forms religiously every morning. I keep my fiddle toys nearby and I still use hand lotion to curb the urges. I suspect that I will be surfing urges my whole life. But it does get easier. And the rewards are huge. I love myself so much more. And when I catch a glimpse of my image in a store mirror I smile ear to ear instead of cringing. I have gained so much more than just a head of hair – I am a confident, happy woman who sees life as full of possibilities.

If you have been wondering if you can stop pulling, the answer is YES. If I can do this then so can you. You just have to believe in yourself. People who suffer from trich are very strong and sensitive – it is both our power and our undoing. By marshalling those resources and trusting in the right therapy you can rise above this disorder and start living your life to the fullest. I am the guardian angel of each an every strand of hair on my head, and my therapists Neo and Jay are the guardian angels of my well being.