Eyelash pulling – you CAN stop

Some of you may know that I have been helping people to stop pulling out their eyelashes for over two decades. I learn something new about the disorder, Trichotillomania, from everyone I work with.

stop eyelash pulling

One aspect of the disorder which seems to be universal, is False Thoughts, also known as Trich Lies and the Disorder’s Deception.

I propose to list here some of the false thoughts common to eyelash pullers, to help you to recognize when the Trich Monster is playing tricks on you:

This eyelash needs to be pulled.
It is growing in wrong (even if this were true, it is better than it not growing at all, which is what will happen if you pull it)
Eyelashes are not supposed to irritate.
Pulling this eyelash will help me feel better.
I can pull just this one.
Removing this eyelash is going to make me look better.
I just need to find the right root.

There are many, many more … Feel free to add your own!

Pull free vibes to you!

Dr Neomie Da Costa B.Msc.D