Education and Trichotillomania

So you have a pupil with Trichotillomania and want to know what to do?

Firstly, bless you for your concern.

It is unlikely that any one pupil will display all the qualities described in these pages, but most will display more than one.

Trichotillomania does not impair logic or intellect but impacts education in more subtle ways.

65% of people with trichotillomania are very particular about their handwriting.

To follow a lesson requires that the pupil have an understanding of how to focus
attention, follow a multi-person conversation and negotiate group dynamics without impairment and with minimum stress.

Our survey of nearly 1,000 tricsters reveals that only 9% do not find social situations stressful.  Your pupil probably finds lessons more stressful than the other class members.

Self disclosure can be helpful as some tricsters do not realise how much (if any) self disclosure is socially acceptable.

A pupil with trichotillomania might sense themselves to be under scrutiny if they have to stand while the rest of the class are seated, or push themselves forward.

If you successfully help a pupil to recover from trichotillomania, please contact us and let us know because we are very keen to show the world that trichotillomania does not have to be a life sentence.

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