Energy Boosters from the natural world

Connections are continually being made in research studies between fatigue and many health conditions. This article will focus on fatigue, offering simple and logical tips for self-regulation.

Many people experience high levels of fatigue, with some describing feelings as “spacey” or “flashing in and out”. If you’re not eating to full potential, you’re not functioning to full potential; after all, you are what you eat.

For a species which has such remarkable self healing ability, we also have a massive drive towards self-sabotage. When our minds work against us, our bodies work against us, and vice versa.
When we most need an energy boost, the very foods we crave hit us with a subsequent energy crash. Quick-fix carbohydrates ultimately cause fast plummets in energy and then even more cravings. The only way to feel better is to get off the rollercoaster! This constant swinging up and down has been blamed for a number of disorders, and certainly makes bi-polar disorder and similar disorders much, much worse.

Add a supplemental pick-me-up like d-ribose to an unsweetened vitamin drink.

The key to higher energy is better quality proteins and UNsaturated fats. If you crave carbohydrates, you can have them, just in the form of fresh fruit and vegetables. If you feel below par, the quickest way to recovery is to cut out any form of carbohydrate which doesn’t come from a plant source, or which is interfered with by man and machinery and changed into a different form of food, such as sugar and flour. Replace meat with fish or tofu for a week and double your protein doses, as well as making sure you go to bed at the same time each day in a dark room and get up at the same time each morning.

The simplest things in life bring the best results.