stop child hair pulling and eyelash pulling video for children

You can stop child hair pulling using a calm voice and some subtle reverse psychology. This very short video by and devised by psychologists to assist your struggle with childhood trichotillomania, without putting pressure on anyone. Child hair pulling is nobody’s fault, so while you may understandably feel frustrated, please don’t blame yourself or your hair pulling child.   If your child likes this video, then our mp3 download would be ideal.

Simply allowing your hair pulling child to watch this video can help activate the child’s subconscious desire to stop pulling hair.

Directly addressing hair pulling in young children is inadvisable, as it is important not to make it a power struggle. The best way to manage the situation is to teach the child self-comforting techniques, by soothing and comforting them yourself.

This helpful video uses story telling in rhyming form, giving the child an opportunity to come to his or her own decision to stop hair pulling