Sleep Easily – Top Ten Ways

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Sleep – It’s all in the preparation

Sleep is paramount for wellbeing. Insomnia causes disruption to mental health and fatigue impairs enjoyment of life.

Here are some helpful sleep tips.

top ten sleep tricks

1. Make your bed an attractive place to be without clutter at eye level.2. Be consistent with sleep routine – stick to regular sleep times – bedtime and waking up time where possible.

3. Leave a gap of at least 2 hours between exercising and going to sleep

4. The brain’s sleep centre works better with oxygen so try to keep fresh air circulating in your bedroom. Make sure your bedroom is a comfortable temperature and not too light, noisy or cluttered

5. A warm bath with a few drops of something soothing such as lavender oil can aid sleep

6. Drink a cup of chamomile tea before heading to bed – add honey and lemon if you don’t enjoy the taste.  Chamomile helps calm nerves and counter insomnia.7. Imagine your thoughts are clouds, let them come and go – don’t hold on to any and trust yourself to remember anything you need to remember tomorrow.


Sleep Soundly

8. Play relaxation music or a relaxation recording

9. Herbal medicine is a good source of natural sedatives. Try valerian and passion flower together for a strong effect.

10. Stay in the present moment.  There is nothing to do in THAT moment but lay still and drift.Let us know how you get on

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